Help Us With Our Top 5 Projects – Take the Challenge

  • Develop and implement a nation-wide #adopt campaign to spread awareness about the grave importance of animal adoption
  • Rework and petition the animal cruelty laws to provide stricter penalties for criminal offenses
  • Employ 2 new humane agents to help fight for those who cannot speak!
  • Campaign to stop puppymills and educate people on the neglect and abuse that goes on behind the dogs of these horrific places. “Look where that cute puppy came from”
  • Provide vaccinations, spay/neuters for 500 dogs & cats


Take the ‘I Kissed a Dog (or Cat) Challenge’ and be a voice for those who cannot speak!

At, we are taking a stand against animal cruelty, the horrific conditions of puppy mills, and increasing demands of homeless animals. We invite you to join us!

Post a picture or video of yourself on your favorite social media site and challenge others to do the same! Post, donate, challenge others and take a stand to end their suffering.